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As always, Safety is our #1 priority. We are in constant communication with the Winnebago Health Department and have been given guidelines to follow here at GAR South to ensure safe play as it relates to Covid-19.  Here are some of the things we're doing to keep things safe for both our valued customers and for our employees.

1) Masks must be worn in the lobby and while not playing/training.
2) 1 person per trampoline bed and/or ninja feature at a time.
3) 10 people per room.
4) We close the rooms for deep cleaning after each session.
5) Reservations in advance by calling in are recommended.
6) 6ft social distancing rule applies at all times while at GAR South. 
7) We now have a separate entrance and exit to/from the building. 
8) We have "Sanitation Stations" at the entrance to each training room for you to use at your discretion before, during and after your session. 
9) We offer 2-hour private family/group functions that are closed to the public.